The NLP Factor:

The NLP Factor is the second module in the Intuitive Success Coaching Process and is also used in our private coaching sessions to release trauma, fear and negativity from the body-mind system to then reprogram with positive new beliefs that align with your intuition and Higher Self.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

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NLP is about transforming your negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions into powerful resources that can serve your greater spiritual, personal and professional development. Understanding the concept of how the body-mind system works can provide permanent and life-changing experiences for your spirit to fly!

What is NLP?

Neuro - refers to the neurological pathways that are stimulated by our external environment and/or our internal dialogue (thoughts).

Linguistic - the language we use, both verbal and non-verbally to communicate .

Programming - the ability to re-program our nervous system by stimulating new neurological connections .

Your nervous system is constantly processing information in response to your external environment. These experiences are recorded and stored at the cellular level. Any emotion, thought or behavior you have ever experienced is held in the memory of your unconscious mind. Therefore you have the ability to use these same thoughts, emotions, or behaviors at any given time. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) allows us to access resourceful emotional states, effective behavioral strategies, and healthy thought patterns to achieve our desired results.

The Science Behind It:

A nerve impulse is the transmission of a coded signal from a given stimulus along the membrane of the neuron. Nerve impulses (stimulated by our external environment or internal processes) are passed from one cell to another. These cells attach to each other to form a network of interconnected neurons. This is called a neurological pathway.

Each time you feel an emotion or think a thought, you are literally setting off a series of neurological connections. When a message in the form of a thought is sent to the brain, it releases a mixture of chemicals called neurotransmitters. These chemicals are then released into the body and effect how we feel.  Habits and patterns are developed when people continue to think the same thoughts which then stimulate the same neurological connections. 

The chemical process of the interaction between nerve cells is called a synapse. For a synapse to occur, the dendrite of one cell touches very closely to the dendrite of another cell. The dendrite is the part of the nerve cell that receives messages from the axon.  The axon relays information from one nerve cell to another.

Once the message has been received, the axon of the nerve cell releases the neurotransmitters. The neurotransmitters are released and attach themselves to chemical receptors in the membrane of the following neuron.

The nervous system is stimulated by information received through the five senses: taste, touch, sound, sight, and feeling. Every time we think a thought, we are accessing a representation using one of these five senses. Our conscious mind gives us the power to access and use our five senses in whatever way we choose. The unconscious mind simply follows the orders (thoughts) given to it by the conscious mind.

When you change your thoughts, you change your reality. Thought by thought you can deliberately re-program your nervous system to think, feel and act in healthier ways.  

Discover the power of intuitively knowing how to utilize the power of your mind to work for you and to create your desired outcomes in life. The basis of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) rests on the fact that we are the creators of our experience and as such we can re-write whatever past experience, event or circumstance that may have once felt to be a hindrance or failure. In doing some, we have the power to create the outcome we desire as aligned with the Truth of who we are and how we can better serve another. We can alter the way we experience “reality” by changing our beliefs and emotional response to them, this includes powerful processes to release fears, confusions, and insecurities.

Simply put NLP is the study and science of how to unlock your inner resources by shifting your neurology naturally, to enhance the quality of your life and achieve the results you desire. At Life Force Connection we also incorporate the use of Clinical Hypnosis to better understand the sub-conscious and conscious mind interaction to reach our goals and fulfill our deepest sense of self. All long term learning and change takes place at the subconscious mind, so when we change the mental and emotional belief there, we automatically affect permanent and positive change.

As a result of taking this class, you walk away with a clear and well supported intention that can be easily attained by using the tools from class. This NLP course equips you with the tools to change your life, transform your emotional reactions into calm and collected responses leading to positive behaviors that serve you, the ability to understand all parts of you and how they can work together for your highest good (this includes integration of inner child, forgiveness and healing of past traumas or abuse), and the power to re-write your life by accessing the emotional and spiritual resources within to re-direct the energy of your subconscious mind (where 80% of all learning and change takes place), into wisdom, truth and unconditional love. Shifting from past to PRESENT to future successes.

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