3 Month Miracle of U Coaching Program:

miracle of u

The 3 -Month Miracle of U Program when combined with coaching sessions addresses both your personal and business needs, empowering you to new levels of expansion in your life. Coaching sessions support you to get focused on your goals and to clear sub-conscious blocks manifesting as negative beliefs, thought patterns or emotional reactions that no longer serve you. These sessions align you with your highest potential, so get ready for a big shift!

The curriculum included in this program is a 6-disc audio CD series and workbook designed to take you through each of the steps to support your greater life vision and success in the world. Combining various NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) principles with intuitive truths, you will learn how to trust yourself and rely on your own inner guidance to support you in your life. Personalized coaching caters these steps to meet your specific needs.

You will learn how to:

  • Be in your power
  • Overcome challenges and obstacles
  • Share your gifts with the world
  • Live on purpose
  • Meet your goals and beyond
  • Raise your vibration
  • Live in alignment with your highest potential

There is one thing that you can control and that is you...why not dive into your heart and soul to see who you are at the deepest level...then you will see your life directly reflect the beauty of your soul.

You may just find yourself like many others....

  • Increasing your income with grace and ease
  • Finding more joy, peace and happiness throughout your day
  • Following your intuition and allowing MAGIC to happen
  • Naturally improving your relationships
  • Evolving to more love
  • Feeling good and looking great at your optimum health!

Why Would I Want To Take This Program?

The value in connecting with your true self, authentic truth and the learning the manifesting tools to create the life you want, is virtually immeasurable. By learning techniques to release yourself from the past and free your spirit to be who you are and contribute your gifts to the world is where true fulfillment and happiness takes place.


$597/month for 3 months; $1,500 in full
Includes two 90-minute sessions per month plus audio and workbook series online.

To apply email:

    "The Miracle Of U is a guide to discovering your true nature. In this program and in you lies real treasure."

    -Sonia Choquette
     NY Times Bestselling Author

    "Abby's name means to give joy.  The joy that I found by knowing Abby and going through her program not only brought joy, but inspired the miracles in my heart to become a reality.  Her facilitation of meditation, contemplation, and the Divine source that unifies us all pushed my soul’s vibration back into then light.   My purpose, my gifts, and a new way of recognizing who I really am still continues to be impacted by the tools, training, and nurturing from Abby.

    Abby is a leader who has used her life lessons to develop the curriculum to LFC.  Her awareness of her connection with the divine through relationships with ourselves and others has brought me and so many others the gift of joy, peace and love.  She's a servant leader who does what it takes to help her students become connected to their life's purpose. Abby keeps it real and if you are ready you open yourself growing in ways which is not only possible in a dream – this is your time to manifest it into reality!"

      • Erin Crutcher, Nutrition Specialist

      “Abby is proof positive of the Power of Intention. Already moving toward the goals I had set for myself in my expanding legal practice concerning client generation/attention, streamlining my organizational structure, gross and net revenues, and doing all of this while retaining a certain elan about myself and those I associate with both professionally and personally, my consults with Abby over a two-month period resulted in a dramatic increase in all these areas: the most measurable of which--from traditional metrics-- gross/net revenues, doubled, as did the number of business associates with whom I network as an attorney. Abby is someone who possesses and promulgates "soft" skills, the implementation of which in your professional and for that matter personal life result in dramatic, measurable, "hard" results--hard not in the sense of derived through difficulty--on the contrary--results came to me like water flowing from a faucet--rather hard in the sense of measurable and sustainable.”

      - Charles Marshall, Attorney At Law

      "Abby is extremely gifted at what she does. She helped me increase my patient load by 50%, helped me with my intuition and productivity to better help my patients, my satisfaction with my career, my profitability, and this happened in a rapid 2-week period. It's been almost 3- months now, and my Acupuncture clinic is better than it ever has been! I would highly recommend Abby to anyone who needs help in any aspect of bringing their business, and themselves, to the highest potential it can be!"

      -Mieko Sei, Acupuncturist

      "I’ve been working with Abby for just two weeks, and I’ve already tripled the number of clients in my coaching practice.  Even better than that, though, is how I feel.  Abby’s personality is so friendly, enthusiastic, and encouraging that I feel safe in sharing the vision I have for my life and business.  She is a beautiful, confident spirit who also makes the people she works with feel beautiful and confident.

      Having developed my intuition over the past 4 years, I know enough now to listen when my intuition speaks.  My intuition drew me to Abby, and I’m glad I acted on the promptings I was getting to work with her.  Her coaching and Miracle of U CD program have made a positive impact on my life and business.  Thank you, Abby!"

      -Kat Brenner, Inspired Living Coach

      "Abby took me on a journey to discover the source of my fear and self-doubt. Helping me find it and put it behind me has allowed me to see the present moment and my future through the eyes of my best, most confident self. It's not that Abby did something that changed me. She went with me, and helped me do something for myself. I am truly grateful for the way that she shares her beautiful gift for the benefit of others."
      You Rock!

      -Dina Newcomb

      “There are few people in the world that can integrate the left brain and the right brain in perfect harmony. Abby is one of them and teaches people how to achieve this. Her work is important and worth doing!"

      -Azim Khamisa
       International Speaker, Peace Activist and Award Winning Author

      "Abby is a gifted intuitive life coach -- she has a gentle way of guiding you to your own wisdom. I highly recommend Abby to anyone who is ready to live the life of their dreams!"

      -Donna Pinto, Kids for Peace;