Intuitive Success Coaching Certification (ISCC)

We specialize in our three part process called Intuitive Success Coaching which takes an individual on an inward journey into their inner knowing referred to as intuition. The foundation of this technique is unconditional love and non-judgment which leads the person effortlessly to what they already know and who they are at the core soul level - thus fulfilling their purpose and vision in life. From their intuitive knowing we guide our students to create a life they love and monetize their unique gifts.

logoThe three steps of this process are:
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1. The Intuitive Factor
2. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
3. Business Factor

The Intuitive Factor allows you to connect with your intuitive knowing and balance your seven chakras in preparation for releasing limiting beliefs through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, one of the tools taught in this program which allows one to gain the support of their unconscious mind where 80% of all long-term learning and change takes place. Once the mind is aligned with the heart, magic can happen!

In our Business Factor classes we teach our students a proven process of attracting more clients and show them how to establish a profitable business. Our clients average at least a 50% increase profits after completing the Intuitive Success Coaching Certification Program.

Course Description & Dates:

The coaching program includes 10 intensive 2-day weekend retreats with in a personalize intimiate group setting. Each of the 3 factors: Intuitive Factor, NLP Factor and Business Factor will be integrated with Yoga, nature walks and expressive dance.


To apply for the Intuitive Success Coaching Program call: 858-255-0157 or email:

"I'm a business man. I'm not quite as "New Age" warm & fuzzy, as I would imagine some of Abby's other clients are. I don't do yoga and I don't own any crystals. But I do appreciate results. Abby Gooch has produced results in my personal & financial life that have been rapid and dramatic. I have been to all the seminars and read all the books. I know how to think positive and be highly effective. What Abby helped me learn was what, I personally, needed to change, why I wasn't choosing to change, and what to do to solve all that. That took three weeks. It worked. I can't think of a higher recommendation one could give."

- Frederick L. Shelton

"I feel more confident in starting my business and am very excited to do so. I also love the connections I am making with the other students that can extend beyond the class. Abby is a wise and loving soul and I am blessed to have her as my teacher. She is open and honest and has a beautiful heart. "

- Jeanette Hill

“There are few people in the world that can integrate the left brain and the right brain in perfect harmony. Abby is one of them and teaches people how to achieve this. Her work is important and worth doing!

-Azim Khamisa, International Peace Activist & Author