The Intuitive Business Factor:

The Intuitive Business Factor is the third module of the Intuitive Success Coaching Certifcation Program and is a discovery into the heart of your business and intuition to set you up for success and practical application skills that you will need to create a business you love. Interactive techniques and principles to move your being into the next level of your personal expansion while providing step by step guidance on how to run a successful business.

Our business modules are divided into three parts to set up a structure allowing you to monetize your gifts:

Business Basics:

Business Basics gives students a clear outline to set up their new or current business in a way that serves them and every area of their lives. This includes a basic marketing plan, strategies and core concepts of how a business is run. Many students who take this course are very affluent in business but find by applying the basic principles with their unique gifts, their business flourishes! By applying this new twist, your current or new business can easiy transform to the next level of success!

Advanced Business:

Advanced business class teaches principles to enhance your current business with products, online marketing, newsletters, and client communication from the heart. You will also learn how to set your monetary value and feel your own worth, set up structures to allow passive income to flow in, and meet the needs of your customers. Finally, we will set you up for success and clear energy at a cellular level for you to receive money in the way that you choose. Through interactive class exercises you will learn how to raise your vibrational frequency to attact your highest potential.

Practical Application:

This is where what you know and love come together into practical application!

In this course we will cover the energetic principles for manifesting and bringing business, clients, and money to you. You will learn how energy works and how the energetic field of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies all work together in conjunction with your intuition for your highest good. By learning these principles of creation, you will learn how to increase your income and attract more customers to you just by being you and following your intuition! This course also covers how to give an Intuitive Success Coaching Session and how to help your clients at the deepest level of their being. You may even find you develop your own course as a result of taking this program!

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Start a business
  • Gain confidence, clarity and direction
  • Connect/Establish trust with potential clients and paying clients
  • Market and represent your new business
  • Understand intuition and how it plays a role in your life to successfully create a business and maintain it
  • Monetize your gifts and intuition

You will be given the step by step process to build a solid personal foundation and business structure to support your highest potential and soul’s purpose.

    "Abby is extremely gifted at what she does. She helped me increase my patient load by 50%, helped me with my intuition and productivity to better help my patients, my satisfaction with my career, my profitability, and this happened in a rapid 2-week period. It's been almost 3- months now, and my Acupuncture clinic is better than it ever has been! I would highly recommend Abby to anyone who needs help in any aspect of bringing their business, and themselves, to the highest potential it can be!"

    -Mieko Sei, Acupuncturist

     “Abby, has always been a positive, uplifting life coach. She has the amazing skill to help me clarify my own intentions, helping  me remove obstacles I have put in my own way. I consider it a privilege to know and work with her.”

    - Debbie Rumbo, Sales Manager

    “Abby is proof positive of the Power of Intention. Already moving toward the goals I had set for myself in my expanding legal practice concerning client generation/attention, streamlining my organizational structure, gross and net revenues, and doing all of this while retaining a certain elan about myself and those I associate with both professionally and personally, my consults with Abby over a two-month period resulted in a dramatic increase in all these areas: the most measurable of which--from traditional metrics-- gross/net revenues, doubled, as did the number of business associates with whom I network as an attorney. Abby is someone who possesses and promulgates "soft" skills, the implementation of which in your professional and for that matter personal life result in dramatic, measurable, "hard" results--hard not in the sense of derived through difficulty--on the contrary--results came to me like water flowing from a faucet--rather hard in the sense of measurable and sustainable.”

    - Charles Marshall, Attorney At Law


    Intuitive Business Factor: 12-Month Program

    $97/Month Online Video Classes and Worksheets
    $333/Month Group Coaching and Online Classes (includes worksheets)
    $527/Month Private Coaching and Online Classes (includes worksheets)
    $1,000/Month Private Coaching, LIVE Retreat and Online Classes (includes worksheets)


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